For years, live feeds like Artemia and rotifers have served as the basis of most feeding programs for shrimp and some finfish. Artemia represents an ideal feed, except they are commonly lacking in certain fatty acids. If Artemia are not supplemented with other feeds that contain these fatty acids, cultivated species fed the Artemia tend to exhibit poor growth and survival. Up to now, feeds such as Algae (specifically Spirulina) have been used to fill this critical requirement.

ARTEMATE contains these naturally missing fatty acids. Extensive research has now demonstrated the method of incorporating these products directly into Artemia (and rotifers), making them even more valuable as a feed source.


ARTEMATE is composed of rich oils, containing highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA). Emulsifiers are incorporated in the formulation to help break up the oils into very small particles when mixed with water. It is these particles that are then ingested by Artemia (or rotifers). The end result is a biological encapsulation of these oils and as a result, each individual Artemia nauplii is packed with a full array of critical fatty acids. Artemia and rotifers treated with ARTEMATE exhibit higher, more complete fatty acid profiles. When fed to cultured species, better growth and survival results.


Oil Base Squid

Emulsifier Yes

Critical fatty acids

(% area)

20:5w3 14.5

22:6w3 17.4

Total w HUFA 33.6

Application parts per million 100.0


1. Hatchout Artemia Nauplii and separate from hatching debris as soon as possible.

2. Place nauplii into 500 liters (132 gallons) fresh, clear seawater with same temperature as hatchout tank (28 - 30EC). Start aeration to provide full circulation. Maximum density: 300 nauplii/ml. Lower density is best.

3. After mixing ARTEMATE (See Below) add solution to nauplii holding tank and allow to sit with aerator for 6-12 hours. Longer treatment times may result in higher concentration of fatty acids, but this benefit must be balanced against an increase in nauplier size which may result in poor ingestion by larval shrimp and fish. Before feeding, strain off nauplii onto 120 meter Nitex netting and gently rinse with fresh seawater.

4. Mixing solutions ARTEMATE

Add 100 cc (ml.) Artemate to 500 cc freshwater in a blender or other high speed mixer. Blend at 10,000 rpm for 2 minutes. Do not store emulsion, but feed immediately. When added to 500 liters containing Artemia Nauplii, the concentration of Artemate will be 200 ppm.


Do not store emulsified solutions.

Unopened 0 - 10EC for up to 12 months.

Opened 0 - 10EC for up to 1 week.


1 liter sealed container.

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