The Report on Endocrine Techniques in Aquaculture

Argent Chemical Laboratories, Inc. in conjuction with the renowned authority Professor Edward Donaldson has published a very important monograph entitled "The Report on Endocrine Techniques in Aquaculture". 

This monograph provides up to date information on the induction of spawning, enhanced maturation as well as sex reversal of fishes both consumable and ornamental.  The use of synthetic LH-RH analogues in conjuction with depamine suppressors, pituitary extracts of carp, salmon and sturgeon, along with traditional applications of Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) are discussed and illistratrated  for most commercial fishes.   Beneficial sex reversal and growth enhancement are covered in detail for some of the more important species.  An extensive bibiography of over 200 citations will guide the fish culturist or scientist to the latest research papers.


Report on Endocrine Techniquires in Aquaculture