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Microencapsulated and Sized

HATCHFRY family of specialty larval feeds with new advanced formulas from the Argent Nutrition Center. The HATCHFRY products offer a complete range of microencapsulated sized feeds for larval shrimp and finfish fry at each stage of hatchery and nursery production.

The Argent Nutrition Center has developed special exclusive sources of premium quality ingredients to match the most up-to-date nutrient requirements of the principal culture stocks: P. monodon, P. vannamei, Sea Bass, Sea Bream and a variety of other shrimp and finfish species.

Importantly, each HATCHFRY diet is specially formulated with highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA’s) to simulate the biochemical composition of Artemia and Rotifers. Our excellent HUFA profile and quality nutrient content meet the most exacting hatchery requirements for achieving maximum growth rates and the best in water quality and aquatic health.

Hatchfry Encapsulon Grade 0 is a specially formulated, microencapsulated larval diet for freshwater and marine fishes, Penaeid and freshwater shrimps. Hatchfry Encapsulon Grade 0 is an excellent substitute for the feeding of rotifers. Exceptional product features include:

Hydrostability: Minimum of 24 hours. Assures that these high quality feeds are available to cultured stocks and not breaking down and fouling the water!

Digestability: Ingredients used in the manufacturing are of the highest quality and well-proportioned to give balanced nutrition.

Palatable: Ingredients and additives have been selected to assure that cultured larvea are attracted to the feed and consume it readily.

Compatability: Hatchfry Encapsulon Grade O can be used as a partial replacement to live feeds like rotifers - a real cost savings! It has been formulated to replicate the nutritional content of rotifers and microalgae with the added benefit of being enriched with essential HUFA's.

Formulation: Made to improve both growth and survival!

Grade III, 250-450 mm

Grade II, 150-250 mm

Grade I, 50-150 mm

Grade 0, 30 mm

Feeding Regimen:

Grade 0, 30 micron - feed from Nauplius Stages to Protozoea 1. Feed amount: 45-75 grams of feed per 1 million larvae each day*.

Grade I, 50-150 micron - feed from Protozoea 2 (Z2) to Mysis 1 (M1). Feed amount: 65-110 grams of feed per 1 million larvae each day*.

Grade II, 150-250 micron - feed from Mysis 1 (M1). to Postlarval 1 (PL1). Feed amount: 100-165 grams of feed per 1 million larvae aeach day*.

Grade III, 250-450 micron - feed from Postlarval 1 (PL1), to Postlarval 20 (PL20). Feed amount: 150-270 grams of feed per 1 million larvae each day*.

*Feed amount given per day will vary with the following:

Species cultured Aeration in tanks Water temperature

Feed should be given frequently throughout the day, by automatic/continuous feeder, or split into equal portions and fed 4 to 5 times per day. Adequate dispersal of the feed is most important. Aeration should be employed to keep feed particles suspended.

Screening feed through the appropriated mesh to assure specific particle sizing may be desired.

Particle sizes: Proximate Analysis

0: 30 micron Protein 50%

I: 50-150 micron Fat 12%

II: 150-250 micron Fiber 3%

II: 250-450 micron Ash 7%

Moisture 6%

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