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Aquatic Animal Health Care Products

Nutritional Products, Artemia and Larval Diets

Argent Starter Diets for Larval Fish and Shrimp, 
Argentemia Brine Shrimp Cysts,
   Hatchfry Encapsulon,
  Freeze-Dried Krill,
  Artificial Plankton,
  Vitamins and Nutrients ( eg.  Vitamin C-3/Stay-C), 
 Ornamental Fish Products


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Exclusive European distributor of Cyclop-eeze for the aquarium pet industry.

A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Aquatic Animal Nutrition,
CYCLOP-eeze Packaging,


New Report on Endocrine Techniques in Aquaculture, Finquel MS-222 Uses in Salmonid Tagging Program


Aquatic Science Supplies and Fish Farming Equipment

Salinity Refractometers,
YSI Dissolved Oxygen Meters
 High Intensity Ultraviolet Sterilizers
   Vortex Regenerative Air Blowers,  Nitex Netting


Aquaculture and Aquatic Science

Marine Sciencerofessis Reference Library

"The Third International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture"

"Report on Endocrine Techniques in Aquaculture"

On-Line Shopping Instructions


Free Argent Aquaculture Catalog Registration


Fish Medicine, Fish Feeds, Fish Farming Equipment, Aquaculture and Aquatic Science Reference


Argent Contact Information

USA, Canada and Mexico:
Call Toll-Free 1-800-426-6258

Argent Laboratories
8702 152nd Ave.N.E., Redmond WA 98052 USA

Phone 425-885-3777 • FAX 425-885-2112

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