Finquel (MS-222): Applications 

Finquel (MS-222) is a highly versatile anesthetic/tranquilizer intended for the temporary immobilization of fish, amphibians and other aquatic cold blooded animals.   Finquel has long been recognized as a valuable handling tool during manual spawning (stripping), weighing, measuring, marking, sorting, transportation, photography and research.  Finquel is manufactured by Argent Laboratories as a white, water soluble powder.

Fish anesthetized with Finquel show rapid reversibility when placed in fresh water.   Further, the level of sedation is proportional to the strength of anesthetizing baths.  Finquel is not affected by salinity.


Rapid Anesthesia - Induction time 2-5 minutes.

Use:  Spawning/marking/some surgical operations. Maximum Exposure: 2-3 times induction period.

Dose:  Finfish 100-200 mg/l (100-200 ppm).

Moderately rapid anesthesia - Induction time less than 15-20 minutes.   Use: Spawning/marking/surgical operations where longer exposures are more important than rapid immobilization.

Maximum exposure: 2-3 times induction period.

Dose: 50-80 mg/l (most species).

Sedation - Induction of sedation occurs within 15 minutes.   Reactivity to visual and vibrational stimuli, opercular activity are all decreased.

Use:  Transportation

Maximum Exposure: Variable
Dose: Finfish 15-40 mg/l (ppm)  Ornamental (Tropicals) 60-70 mg/l (ppm)
A detailed fact sheet on Finquel is published by Argent Laboratories and is available upon request.